Tips for Going Green: Make Telecommuting a Reality for Your Business

July 2nd, 2013

Deploying remote IP connected workers lessens the demand on costly and critical office space, enabling small to mid-sized businesses to achieve exceptional growth. Telecommuting also contributes to employee retention by improving work/life balance.
Today’s focus on environmentally-friendly practices, coupled with the recent surge in gasoline prices has caused corporate America to start seriously considering the idea of telecommuting. Implementing this policy allows you to save money on office expenses while contributing to the greater welfare of the environment by reducing harmful emissions. Not to mention how happy it will make your employees. They’ll enjoy greater flexibility and quality of life, while at the same time cutting back on costly commuting expenses. As the world’s leading Eco-friendly electronics manufacturer, Samsung offers these tips for “greening” your business.

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“A Well-Connected Office Pays Dividends”

June 3rd, 2013

Whether you are first-time business owner or have been in business 50 years, choosing your first or next phone system can be a daunting task. Telecommunications is evolving at a rapid pace and finding the right solution for your business is what we do. NTouchTel and Samsung will get to know your business and not only advise you on which Samsung OS 7000 series system is right for you, but also help you find the most cost effective dial tone. NTouchTel didn’t get to become one of the Premier Partners and have a spot on the Dealer Advisory Board because we do second rate work. We are innovative, experienced and dedicated to your success. Follow the link to read the article “A Well-Connected Office Pays Dividends” for an overview of how we can help you become well connected!

Samsung OS 7000 is Good for Business

May 14th, 2013

Security as defined by Webster’s dictionary is simply “Protection”. There has been a recent emergence of the hacking or attempted hacking of IP based PBX phone systems globally. The hackers typically target unprotected systems with their blasts; their goal is to use your PBX to complete long distance and international phone calls. No manufacturer is immune and the result can be as little as a minor annoyance up to the loss of thousands of dollars in phone bill charges, or at least the time it takes to resolve the bills with the carrier. For those companies that make many international calls on a weekly basis, the problem may not show itself for weeks or months.
Samsung has taken a pro-active stance and the result is an update (4.65) that is completely security driven! The security measures in no way affect the capabilities of the OS7000 series system; they only affect who is allowed access to the system by using a “White List”. The White List is set up by NTouchTel and we simply say who is allowed entrance to the system by setting validated IP addresses and encrypted passwords.
The end result is that Samsung has created a heavily fortified system that aggressively defends the attempted hacking, forcing the hacker to move on to a less defended manufacturer.

Samsung Launches Their 85-inch Television

April 5th, 2013

Samsung showed off their new television, the UHD TV 85S9, at the Gitex Shopper Spring 2013. The display has a beautiful, minimalist design where the TV appears to be floating within its frame. It features unmatched clarity and vivid picture quality, along with an immersive audio experience that is sure to raise consumers’ pulses. The TV will be available later this year, and pre-booking has already started at the Samsung Brand Shop. To read more about this amazing Television, find it here:

SAMSUNG Introduces Dual-Scan Technology on New A4 Color MFP Line Up

March 11th, 2013

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, today announced a new line of A4 color multi-function printers. Ideal for small, medium and large-sized offices, the new CLX-8640ND and CLX-8650ND models are built with dual-scan technology, saving time and company resources. Samsung is one of the few in the A4 segment to feature dual-scan technology, designed to automatically scan both sides of a document at once for faster output. It has a powerful performance and along with being reliable, economical, and eco-sensitive, it has smart, easy-to-use features. Read more about these amazing machines at .

Samsung Latest and Greatest

February 26th, 2013

Samsung has recently come out with a new and exciting tool for streaming movies, TV shows, music, games and apps. The device is called the HomeSync which they have come out with as a response to the growing popularity of the Apple TV. You can read more about it on this website:

What’s New With Samsung?

January 22nd, 2013

Most people have heard of Samsung Xchange Dial but are not sure about what it does or how it will benefit them. It has many great features that will help save companies time and a lot of headache. Xchange Dial is a user friendly application that links to your computer so you can easily access many different features. It allows application dialing which will save time and improve efficiency by reducing the chance of misdialing colleagues, contacts, or any general telephone number displayed on the PC screen. Another great feature is the ability to instantly message your colleagues. You can chat with a single person in multiple windows or you can include multiple users or extensions in the same window. Accessing the call history is easier than ever because it allows the user to access a list of an extension user’s recent calls. The application comes with an internal address book that allows users to store contact names, telephone numbers, email addresses and useful notes. The user can easily see the Direct Dialing Inward number and name displayed. Another feature is the ability to answer, transfer, hold/unhold, deflect to another extension and end calls.

Samsung Xchange Presence as many of the same features as Xchange Dial and more. It offers an Enhanced Call History so the user can view other colleagues’ call history. It also offers Social Integration which is when a caller’s email address is known, the application is able to search social networking services for any matches found to that email address. Pictures and a ‘pop’ button is displayed for the user. It can be integrated with ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, Microsoft Access, National Directories and many other databases.

What’s keeping you up at night? ….certainly it’s not buying a new phone system….

December 20th, 2012

There are many issues causing sleepless nights for today’s small or mid-sized business owners. Are you finding that your long work days are getting longer because there are too many things on your mind? We can help.

Is this what’s on your mind?

1. “Members of my sales team work from home or spend extensive time on the road and I feel they’re missing business opportunities in the meantime.” Rest assured, by connecting your off-site workers with Samsung remote IP phones they can work from home but be connected just like they were in the office. When they hit the road, Samsung Executive MOBEX can keep them connected by providing in-office like features on their mobile phone. That’s right, hold, transfer, paging, and more. SoftPhone seamlessly provides mobile professionals with PC access to their business telephone system as if they were sitting at the main office.

2. “My business can’t work any leaner then we are now. I need to cut costs but still maintain services to my customers and staff.” Let’s discuss SIP services as an alternative network solution. SIP trunking may cut your costs and provide advanced applications. With the savings you get you can infuse new telephone system technology into your company.

3. “We’ve got several crucial employees which I depend on. But when I can’t track them down at their desk to help me make a quick decision or speak with a top client it’s costing me time and money.” If you’ve got a mobile work force within the office, by the loading dock, conference rooms, or just plain ”walking to talk” the solution can be in the palm of their hand. Let’s discuss how Samsung wireless phone solutions can put you back in touch.

4. “Times are tough and I want to keep my clients satisfied. How can I provide better service and protect my revenue stream? With Samsung OfficeServ you have a number of options to consider. First, focus on revenue generating calls and move other callers through a self service auto-attendant. Samsung auto attendant can empower your organization through intelligent routing and handling of calls. It can be tailored to your business needs and allow calls to be completed when no human resource is available, making your operation 24/7 if needed. Proper auto attendant applications can help increase revenue, decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction.
Don’t lay awake any longer. The phone system of your dreams could be a phone call away.

Remote, Empowered, Mobile Solutions – from nTouchTel

Call Accounting

October 30th, 2012

Call Accounting

Check out the video posted above and call today to get call accounting for your company.

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October 15th, 2012

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